Vanessa Rosage

I'm a trauma- and attachment-focused therapist in Austin, Texas, that supports personal and community transformation.

2703 Sol Wilson Ave Austin, TX 78702

People that seek my services say they appreciate that I am open-minded, honest, authentic and personable. While I hold each person with great care and compassion, I also offer sharp insight into deep-rooted patterns and behaviors that I believe is the balance for change. Children and adolescents find me approachable and trustworthy, while parents find I am able to clearly communicate difficult concepts in a manageable framework and offer relationship-altering insight and advice.

I truly enjoy the time I spend with people. I will hear your struggles and aim to work with you to find a way to ease the tension and uncertainty in your life. I consider myself knowledgeable in several areas, but by no means an expert in your life. I see our relationship as a partnership, working together to find a way to increase your ability to cope with the inescapable nature of life stressors.

I work primarily with children, parents, families, couples, adolescents and young adults. I thread several orientations and tools in the time we spend together. My foundational theoretical orientation is rooted in Interpersonal Neurobiology (INPB), which aims to heal trauma, anxiety, fear and shame through the connection and relationship between people.

I am trained in DEEP, a way of creating safety and healing in the therapeutic relationship. I have also completed my second full weekend of Somatic Experiencing training, focused on helping individuals process experiences of overwhelm and trauma with a focus on the body. I have extensive experience working with individuals who perceive the world with heightened sensitivity and experience a diversity in thought, feeling and perception that may not always fit with the way society expects. I am here to help you find your way through your body, mind and spirit.

I observe beside you, holding space and hands and heart and possibility.

You tell me with words what you think is broken. I am here to help you see those parts kept you alive, they protected your truest self.

I listen with my eyes to what your heart desires, a story told in silence through your body. Your breath. Your eyes. Your hands. The tension and release. The darkness that spreads before us.

The hope I hold that you cannot yet feel. The light that fills your eyes until they dance. I see you so you can see yourself.